Christmas Delivered

With the end of 2020 on the horizon – and man, what a year this one has been – we’re all looking forward to Christmas. This one is going to feel a bit different for a few reasons, for starters Boris is still controlling our social calendars and hitting the pub on Christmas Eve for that one pint that turns into ten seems like it might be a fever dream. But one thing we can all agree on is that Christmas this year is going to be about the people we love. Spending time with them is important now more than ever and the idea of spending the day sweating over a pot of sprouts and manically basting a turkey instead of arguing with that one Uncle who thinks he wrote the rules of Pictionary is not ideal. You’ve earned the right to a day of relaxation and zero stress with your family, friends, or even just solo.

That’s where we come in. Not all heroes wear capes, but in this instance, they definitely wear chef whites. From our kitchen to yours, we’ll be offering a sumptuous spread of festive favourites complete with instructions that means you can take a back seat and focus on the things that really matter. Our boxes are the perfect gift for novices -we all have that friend who’s Googled ‘can you microwave a turkey?’, those spending the festive period away from their families or even as a thank you to the person in your life who deserves a day off. Our boxes are full to the brim with local produce from small businesses including our phenomenal greengrocers and butchers and can be tailored to dietary requirements where needed to ensure everyone gets the Christmas dinner they deserve.

Our passion stems from using great food to bring people together, so from us here at Cutting Edge, have a merry, stress free Christmas and let us take care of the rest.  



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